Comments have been disabled

I disabled comments from guests and also disabled new user registrations because bigots found my website and started spewing vulgar and hateful stuff in the comments. Since I would prefer to spare people from having to look at that I disabled comments until i can find a good way to filter as much of it away as possible.

I'm eyeballing doing a Bayesian spam filter of some sort, along with a strict word filter that marks stuff for manual approval. Maybe I'll just add a manual approval requirement for all guest comments, and then also require manual approval for signups.

I've also been considering moving to Cactus Comments, which would let not need to roll my own code for comments, and make people not need to make an account specifically for my site. Sadly it currently doesn't seem to have spam filtering that suits my taste.

It's annoying that dipshits always seem to find anything you expose to the wider internet sooner or later, and I'm kind of surprised that it happened now, since I don't really do anything with my blog that warrants much attention, I barely even post. I want my comments section to be a comfortable place to be, which means I have to scrutinize everyone who shows up there so I can make sure they're not an asshole.

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