A Q&A type deal

Ha ha, writing those articles I wanted to was a thing that decidedly did not happen, whoops! Thanks depression! I have a draft of an article about why CAPTCHAs are bad, but it'll probably take a solid while before I gather the spoons1 to actually getting around to finishing it.

So just to get something on here I thought I'd do a little q&a. Ask me some questions in the comments and I'll answer them. I got the idea when someone on fedi2 suggested more people should have a Curious Cat page. I wanted to make one, but it turns out you have sign in with a Twitter or Facebook account, and I do not want to give those hell conglomerates any more data than absolutely necessary, please and thank you.

Curious Cat signup page
Thanks, I hate it!

You can attach your name to your question if you feel like it, but you can also just write “anonymous” in the name field if you don't. I'll keep checking in on the comments here, so if you write one months after I published this I'll probably still reply.

  1. mental energy more or less, for those not familiar with that term

  2. The fediverse. see https://tech.lgbt/@amandag

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girls,,, 🥺

Amanda 🌺

This is very true.

compliment grackle

Do you have a favorite fast food restaurant? If so, what is it and what is your favorite item of theirs? If no, then what's your go-to meal that is fast to prepare?

Amanda 🌺

Good fast food is hard to come by when you're vegan. McDonald's in Denmark doesn't even have anything vegan that's no like, fries. I'm also picky as hell and don't like any vegetables, so I usually remove most of the ingredients whenever I order any kind of burger. Max in Sweden has really good chicken burgers tho. Also fun random fact this made me remember, McDonald's has very little presence in northern Sweden because Max showed up first and people don't really care for any new McDonald's that try to open there.

Anyway, my favorite current place to get fast food is the pizza place across town that has vegan stuff. I always get a pizza with vegan "ground beef", vegan kebab, and vegan cheese (and tomato sauce ofc). It's also uh, more or less the only option where I live lol. My favorite thing that's fast to cook is slapping some canned tomatoes and some kidney beans in a pot, along with some oregano, thyme, basil and rosemary.

Did u know I'm vegan? I wrote the word vegan a lot lol.

Also compliment grackle is an excellent name. It made me do a cackle.

compliment grackle

I cannot claim compliment grackle, I stole it from a podcast :v (a podcast about fast food, nonetheless)

I think I had a vauge memory of vegan-ness when I asked, which is why I threw in all the qualifiers. I certainly know it now though lol

Thanks for answering! Pizza is always a good option. I am not vegan, so my go-to's are generally like 'meat piled on top of more meat on a bun that we'll sling at you as you drive by' kind of meals. At least when it comes to pizza I tend to get veggies like mushrooms and peppers. Still no vegan cheese though... I think I'd just die if I tried being vegan, not really because I'd miss the food, but because I wouldn't want to make my own meals so frequently. I hate cooking, despite being a chemist...

Anyways, I'm going to shut up now.


Meow? =^.^=

Amanda 🌺

Meow! 🐈




can i boost you mental health tired post? it is a mood

Amanda 🌺

Yeah go right ahead. If I don't slap a (-) on it it's probably fine to boost

C++ Dino

When would you pick C++ for a new project today? Only if you're going to use certain libraries, or are there other reasons?

Amanda 🌺

Since C++'s anti-footgun measures are mostly opt-in rather than opt-out. I strongly prefer Rust exactly because its borrow checker and other safety features are are on by default and need to be explicitly opted out of. That, and lots of other quality of life things like a proper module system and first-class support for algebraic data types/what it calls enums make it my favorite language. I'm also not too fond of C and C++'s tendency to implicitly convert integer types.

I tend to only use C++ when required to due to things like needing to target a toolchain that only C/C++ supports adequately, or when I need to use a certain library that's too much of a hassle to make bindings for, like you suggested.