Happy birthday, blog!

A brief announcement first, I enabled comments again, but I now need to approve them before they show up.

It's my blog's birthday! Blogthday? Blorthday? Bloggaversary? Either way, it's been one year since I first launched it and made the my first blog post here.

Sadly not much has happened in terms of posting since then. I think a big part of the problem with getting posts out the door was me setting my sights a bit too high and being too perfectionist about what I write for the blog.

As an example, I have a draft for a post about (re)CAPTCHA that partly goes into why CAPTCHAs mostly suck, but also talks about what makes web developers reach for it in the first place, which is that as soon as you expose any kind of service to the public internet you are almost certainly going to get drowned in entirely automated spam that just throws noise at whatever inputs are reachable, either to exploit vulnerabilities in your website or manipulate search engines.

Anyway, the problem with the draft is that I convinced myself I need to write The Definitive Guide to the Problems with CAPTCHA, which I'm probably not a skilled enough writer to achieve the first place (though hopefully I can at least get closer to that with practice), and as a more acute problem, I definitely don't have the time and energy needed to put together something that elaborate.

I think a more personal account of the efforts I went through to pick a way to deal with spam and implement it would probably be a more interesting thing to read anyway, and it would be a much more reachable goal, since again, I'd mostly be writing specifically about my own experience, which I can definitely manage.

Drawing from my own experience, I've seen a lot of people (e.g. Kat Maddox) start newsletters where they mostly comment on things they've seen throughout the week, and I've definitely enjoyed reading things like that, so I'll probably take some inspiration from that approach. I might also do something like a devlog where I write about what I've done throughout the week in terms of projects, like Eevee used to do.

Here's to a new year, with more posts. From my posting station.

An old computer room
My posting station. This is where I go to make my posts.

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I wouldn't think about it too much because "perfect is the enemy of good". Just do what you enjoy and I'm sure that people will appreciate it. And of course you will get better by practicing, but criticism is also really helpful.