Amanda's terrible homepage
Amanda's terrible homepage

Sorry for the mess

Submitted Sun Aug 20 22:56:56 2017
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I'm sorry there's so many totally nonsensical articles here, but I need to submit a new article every time I want to test if article submission (still) works and handles special characters (like € or <) correctly. Combine that with my slightly strange sense of humor, and you get the total nonsense you see below. The same goes for the weird comments.

If you look at the timestamps of when my test articles and comments were submitted, you will also notice I do a significant portion of testing at fairly late hours. This is because I'm a busy idiot who doesn't know how to go to sleep.


Sun Aug 20 23:10:38 2017

Also, right now any old idiot can make a comment and claim they're me. I plan to do something about this

Bølle Bob

Mon Oct 23 10:02:26 2017

Det er særdeles helt okay. Sådan noget kan ske, du skal bare bruge mere tid på det :))

Amanda Graven

Mon Oct 23 10:03:29 2017



Tue Jan 9 21:14:03 2018

Ecks dee