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Submitted Mon Mar 12 01:14:15 2018, Last edited Mon Mar 12 01:35:57 2018
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I work somewhat. Also, I can change. And while we're at it, <test>test</test>

You have a better idea of who's who now

Submitted Sun Mar 11 22:25:25 2018
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You can now log in so people can be sure it's really you that's typing. Also, I'm the only one who can submit articles now, you no longer just have to know the URL for doing so. I am now ALL POWERFUL >:)

Sorry for the mess

Submitted Sun Aug 20 22:56:56 2017, Last edited Mon Mar 26 18:37:09 2018
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I'm sorry there's so many totally nonsensical articles here, but I need to submit a new article every time I want to test if article submission (still) works and handles special characters (like € or <) correctly. Combine that with my slightly strange sense of humor, and you get the total nonsense you see below. The same goes for the weird comments.

If you look at the timestamps of when my test articles and comments were submitted, you will also notice I do a significant portion of testing at fairly late hours. This is because I'm an at times busy silly person who doesn't know what a schedule is or how to go to sleep. I should probably figure out how that works at some point.

Did I fix it

Submitted Sun Aug 20 19:33:17 2017
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Yes I did.

I found out

Submitted Sun Aug 20 02:19:08 2017
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  1. That it works
  2. I did need to recompile because sometimes the errors aren't there


Submitted Mon Aug 14 21:37:34 2017, Last edited Mon Mar 12 01:45:24 2018
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Can we do bold? Maybe even something bigger?


Have a look here. Also look

here. And here's a picture:


  1. Format machine <b>broke</b>
  2. Understandble

  3. Have a great day.

Fresh test

Submitted Mon Aug 14 18:17:41 2017
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Hello Simon

Submitted Sun Aug 13 17:53:48 2017
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Submitted Sun Aug 13 11:45:21 2017
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You NEED me To wOrK:



Submitted Sun Aug 13 10:54:07 2017
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Did+we+do+it+reddit?++++++ æøå?º²¬!"#¤%&/()=?`|(){}[]\


Submitted Sun Aug 13 10:25:39 2017
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hello !"#%C2%A4%&/() = ? 1%C2%A1%40%C2%A3$%C2%BD %C2%A5 {[]}%C2%A1%C2%A3$%C2%BD%C2%A5{[%CF%81%C4%91%C5%8B%C4%A7


Submitted Sun Aug 13 00:46:08 2017
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hello !"#%C2%A4%&/() = ? 1%C2%A1%40%C2%A3$%C2%BD %C2%A5 {[]}%C2%A1%C2%A3$%C2%BD%C2%A5{[%CF%81%C4%91%C5%8B%C4%A7


Submitted Sun Aug 13 00:44:47 2017
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Do you exist?

Did we fix it

Submitted Thu Aug 10 02:17:50 2017
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Here are the funny things:


Testing on

Submitted Mon Jul 31 01:59:56 2017
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A bunch of funny characters:%0D%0A%0D%0A-*/+,.-?!"#%C2%A4%%C3%9E%C2%BA%C2%A7>%C2%A9<>


Submitted Sun Jul 30 18:10:19 2017
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Submitted Sat Jul 29 03:16:59 2017
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Test 2: Electric Boogaloo

Submitted Thu Jul 20 02:21:51 2017
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More testing, hurray!

Test title, please ignore.

Submitted Sun Jul 2 00:37:28 2017
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test content, please ignore